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BBQ & Smoking

BBQ & Smoking


I hope that this site will show you that the humble BBQ is far more than what we in the UK consider as barbecue, dried out frozen burgers, cheap sausages shriveled and black along with chicken barely cooked.  There is far more to BBQ than that, from the American BBQ pits, South African Braai to Middle eastern kebab, Mediterranean sea food  and Argentinian Asado.

There will be burgers on here but proper burgers made with good quality beef, whole joints of meat from shoulders of pork to shoulders of lamb, fast BBQ cooking of steaks directly on the charcoal embers to low n slow cooking in the wood oven and the smoker.

Our ancestors would have done the majority of cooking over open fires along with slow cooking in pits that contained the embers along with large stones then covered back over with large joints of meat slowly cooking over the retained heat while they got on with their day.

To me barbecuing and outdoor cooking is not just for the summer and a disposable tray containing lumps of  chemically fueled charcoal that create acrid smoke that taints the frozen burger and shrivels the sausage to a black ember.

I shall be doing my take on BBQ using some of the amazing meat that is available locally to me, from whole shoulders of mutton with a rub of the herbs that they eat while grazing in the summer pastures, slow smoked ox cheeks, whole shins of beef all cuts that benefit from long and slow cooking, to steaks and fish cooked directly on the glowing embers.  From overnight slow cooking in the wood oven and the smoker to quick and fast over red-hot charcoal, of course with any BBQ you need good salads and slaws along with sauces, I hope to be adding a few twists to the traditional and familiar.

Will also be doing cold smoking, curing my own bacon, smoking salmon and cheese plus a few experiments along the way.

I hope you enjoy the journey of BBQ & Smoking if you have any suggestions or ideas drop me a line or leave a comment.



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