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We aim to bring you the best BBQ that you have had we only use high welfare meat in all our products, from free range pork to grass fed beef the belief that a great starting product creates the best end result.  All our charcoal is from sustainable and manged resources.

Though we cook in the style of American BBQ Smokers we are striving to make it British, with our own unique twists and styles.  From local rare breed Pork cooked for 18 hrs over locally sourced hardwoods for the smoking, our next step is to create unique rubs and sauces to accompany the fantastic meat, the meat will always be the star of our cooking not a sickly sweet sauce that masks the meat.



Newport Food Festival

We shall be at the Newport food festival on the 4th October 2014 bringing you pulled beef brisket, pulled pork, pickles and creamy coleslaw.

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